Mrs. Ashwini Kulkarni
  • Designation: Co-Founder
  • Company: Khet Aadhaar

Team Information

Co Founder | Research Scholar

Ashwini has around 14 plus experience in Education vertical and pursuing her PHD in PRECISION AGRICULTURE from prestigious Mumbai University, has been awarded various research projects from University of Mumbai. She recently completed her course on Virtual Agronomy from Australia and USA. With BE & MCA in Computer Science, IT skills and subjects of expertise like AI, Machine Learning, Robotics. Deep Learning and more. She with her team successfully completed various initiatives and certification at eYantra – initiative by the prestigious INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Mumbai. Currently pursuing an advance course on Remote Sensing from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

She heads the Research, Virtual Agronomy, AI, ML and other technical service wings at KhetAadhaar