Khet Aadhaar is an organisation with its associate overseas who have been providing its virtual agri solutions with presence in 65 countries. It has extensive experience of various crops. In India it has still to have clients to offer their services.
KhetAadhaar uses Crop stress alerts to identify irrigation issues and act quickly  to mitigate the yield damage:
  • Crop Stress algorithm automatically detects, and track crop stress as soon as it appears and alerts can be sent via email or we can work with Agri officers so that they will explain it locally to farmers.
  • With regular reports and stress detection alerts, farmers won’t have to worry about missing an irrigation malfunction.
  • Intelligent analytics will allow KhetAadhaar to analyse the evolution of the stress over time and help identify the effect of farm/crop management practices on the crop recovery.
  • Better yield through NUTRITION MANAGEMENT
  • Centralisation, Organised way of how agro work is done as best practise.
KhetAadhar envisage to offer ONE STOP services for FARMERS in India, by Farmers we essentially mean ANY individual with even 2 cattle aiming to produce Milk production and distribution to a single Fish farmer who fishes 1 basket of catch and markets. There is often a gap in identifying a farmer, which may not essentially have farm land or own acres or hectors worth of land…
KhetAadhar pitches for offering services to such individual to big ticket farmers/agents/distributors/suppliers/exporters and more…
Below is the some of the list other than technical services enlisted in our SERVICES section
  • Financial Services 
  • Consulting Services 
  • Procurement and Packaging Services (Resource Management)
  • Marketing Services (Domestic / International)
  • Waste Management (Harvesting and Restoration)
  • Insurance Services

We position to achieve 2 level outcomes from KhetAadhar


  • Better Yield
  • AatmaNirbhar Kisan (self reliant)
  • Bridging gaps to the farmer from the produce to the real market (Input and integration)
  • Women Empowerment (Equal Employment Opportunities)
  • Benchmarking and Centralising wages, revenues, rates and quality standards across the country
  • If equal opportunities are achieved, local opportunities and avenues will grow exponentially, avoiding migration of Labours, Resources
  • Transforming and introducing urban women to smart farming techniques thus empowering them
  • Centralisation and offering a much organised outlook to Agronomy in general
  • In general welfare in farmer household and initiative to reduce suicide rates in farmers
  • Better organisational and entrepreneurial skills in farmer community and leadership skills
  • introduction of WFH (work from home) – through eLearning/Audio Books/Remote monitoring
  • Introduction of Khet-Clinics (Agri Clinics) and Custom Reports for PREDICTION AND PRECAUTION
  • Carbon Footprint through VIRTUAL AGRONOMY

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